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African Life Science Enhancement Forum

The African Life Science Enhancement Forum aims to enhance life science research and innovation in Africa by creating a community of life science aspirants, current students, experts, and stakeholders in the field across Africa. Together, we can improve the quality and sustainability of life for all Africans.

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Who we are!
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The Forum welcomes young students from Africa and around the world to participate in life science research and innovation on the continent.

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The Forum provides a platform for life science experts to share their knowledge and connect with other professionals in the field.

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The Forum invites academic institutions, research centres, and investors, to engage with the life science community in Africa and support its development.

Missions & Objectives


Enhance African Life Science Research

The Forum is committed to enhancing life science research in Africa by providing a platform for knowledge exchange, networking, and collaboration.

Strengthen Innovation Ecosystems

The Forum strengthens African innovation ecosystems through research partnerships, capacity building, and policy advocacy.

Promote Science-Based Entrepreneurship

The Forum empowers young African life scientists and innovators to become science-based entrepreneurs through mentorship, training, and support.

Empower the Next Generation of African Life Scientists

The Forum aims to support young African life scientists by offering skill-building, knowledge sharing, and exposure to the latest research and innovation.

Increase Research Funding in Africa

The Forum supports African research funding by advocating for investment in life sciences research and facilitating the development of grant proposals and public-private partnerships.

Strengthen Institutional Partnerships

The Forum strengthens institutional partnerships between African and international universities, research institutions, and industry partners to promote innovation and knowledge exchange.

Promote Life Science Education in Africa

The Forum supports Life Science Education in Africa by providing educational resources and support to schools and universities, and organizing Life science programs and competitions for students.


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